Self declaration – Projekt Weltethos
I hereby declare

Common values are essential for peaceful coexistence. These basic humanistic values already exist – they can be found across all cultures, religions and philosophies. One of them is the Golden Rule, according to which one should behave towards one’s fellow human beings in the way one would like to be treated. Another one is the Humanity Principle, i.e. the demand that all people should be treated humanely. 

 Hans Küng summarized these and other universal values under the term Weltethos. They are considered to support the central value of human dignity as well as the human rights, but they must be made conscious, lived and passed on. Great changes begin with me – that’s why I want to do my part for a better world and fill the values with life.

– Nonviolence
I hereby declare my commitment to solve conflicts without violence. Respect for life and peaceableness characterize my actions. 

– Justice
I hereby commit myself to strive for justice in my actions and not to accept injustice. My actions should be fair and in solidarity. 

– Truthfulness
I hereby declare my commitment to truthful action and the pursuit of truth. Against disinformation and lies I stand up for sincerity and integrity. 

– Equality
I hereby declare my commitment to respect people regardless of gender, skin color, age, origin or religion. To me, equality means partnership with those who are different from me. 

With my signature and my actions according to Global Ethic values, I contribute in my place to a good life. 




Yes, I want to stand up for a better world and commit myself to the five global ethic values. 


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